Based on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERUugjLmwuY

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  • Meat: Ground Beef, Ground Chuck (80/20), or Ground Beef Short Ribs
  • Cast Iron Pan or Grill
  • For the pan, use Beef Fat or cook Bacon first (don’t use butter)
  • Kaiser Roll / Potato Roll, plain toasted
  • Lettuce/Tomato/Ketchup/Dill Pickles


  • See notes section. Brief instructions below
  • Work the meat into a patty until it sticks to your hand and won’t fall off. Work to the diameter of the bun, but to a thickness of your thumb. Form into a volcano shape
  • Season with salt. Set on pan and cook until browned. Add onion on top and flip. Cook until firm (medium-well). Add a slice of Munster and let partially melt. The cheese will continue to melt when removed


  • Volcano Shape: dimple an outer-circle so that the middle and outer edge are highest (this shape is best to allow the burger to expand while cooking)
  • Cast Iron Pan: a pan with sides are better than a flat skillet for convective heat
  • Season with salt right-before cooking to help dry out the burger and form the crust (keeps the juice inside)
  • Munster cheese (melts like American, but has flavor)