Rolling Sushi⚓︎

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Shared Prep⚓︎

  • Lay out a bamboo rolling mat, cutting board, knife, and small bowl of water
  • Either place a sheet of plastic wrap down or put a bag over the bamboo rolling mat to make it easier to clean
  • Place the nori shiny side down
  • Dampen your fingers to prevent sticking, then spread the rice into a thin layer (don’t press down to firmly). Leave ~1/2 inch exposed nori at the end

Maki Rolls⚓︎

  • Add the ingredients on top of the rice in lengthwise
  • Dampen the exposed nori, then roll keeping the ingredients in place with your index fingers. The nori should stick to itself at the end

Uramaki (Inside Out Roll)⚓︎

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  • Flip the nori and rice over, then add the ingredients in lengthwise
  • By hand start rolling with the side out. When done, use the bamboo mat to give the roll its shape
  • Press the roll while vertical, rotate 90’ press again, then roll back to the original position to press one last time


  • Cut in half three times for a total of 8 rolls. Wet a knife to make the cuts easier and use a sawing motion
  • Serve with wasabi and pickled ginger